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Guestfolio’s rapid marketing automation and simple guest intelligence platform is built uniquely for boutique and independent hotels.


Our CRM enables you to better engage, gain insight and retain guests throughout their travel journey. By integrating every digital touch-point pre, during and post-stay, we help you deliver the right message at the right time all through automation. We connect directly in to your PMS so we can help you feel confident with your guest engagement strategy.

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How Guestfolio CRM works

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Lightning-fast marketing automation

We use simple but effective personalization tools to tailor the guest experience and automate your communications for every guest throughout their travel journey.

Out-of-the-box solutions

To get you up and running quickly, we have a suite of guest communication and marketing templates pre-loaded and available for all hotel types. Built on best practices; they are brand-matched with your branding, logo, colors and more.

real time data monitoring in cloud

Real-time data

We connect directly to your PMS and extract up to two years worth of guest reservations. Your account is synchronized so that all new, updated and cancelled reservations are mirrored in real-time in Guestfolio.

personalization marketing

Personalized communications

Set conditions to effectively target guests with bespoke offers at any time pre, during or post stay. Segment based on rate code, market segment, stay dates and more. It allows you to personalize your email communications and focus on the guests – not systems.

Our Process

Our Process

We’ve developed out-of-the-box marketing solutions built on best practices so you can quickly onboard with Guestfolio and elevate your guest engagement strategies.

  • Your property is assigned to a Project Manager who works with you directly on the set-up and training of your account.

  • Your Project Manager builds your property account and you are able to quickly access and begin to customize it to match your brand so everything looks and feels like it’s coming from your hotel. Right away, you’re able to upload your subscriber lists and start sending marketing campaigns.

  • We work with you to ensure your data is being captured correctly from your PMS in real-time and determine any suppressions or special considerations that you might have, setting business rules for sending messages and soliciting guest feedback.

  • Your digital guest communications are all automated. Guest interactions, requests and profiling is maintained, tracked and reported on so you have a full 360-view of your guests and the ROI.

Now the guest journey begins

Confirmation Emails

Your first impression and the conversation starter

  • Includes all of the required information you need to confirm a guest reservation

  • Displays the guest room type photo

  • Can recommend room upgrades depending on the existing reservation

  • Using conditions, emails support custom content based on language, family, repeat guest and more

View sample confirmation emails below

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails
The Oxfordshire Confirmation
The Swan Confirmation email

Pre Arrival Emails

Timely messages to guests based on profiles

  • Send a pre-arrival planning note to all guests 1 month, 1 week or even days prior to their check-in

  • Target guests based on room type or reason for travel (leisure, business)

  • Up-sell prior to arrival

  • Promote room upgrade options 48 hours before check-in

Click the tabs to view example pre-arrival emails
The Ampersand pre-arrival
Alexander House Room Upgrade email
Room upgrades mobile device

Check-in emails

Save time and empower your guests

  • Automated emails can be sent to guests 24 hours prior to check-in encouraging them to inform you of their arrival time and flight details if required

  • Your reservation staff are notified by email instantly so you can update your PMS and begin the process of preparing their room

  • Create a different check-in email for guests who are traveling from other countries so they can check-in 48 hours before embarking on their trip

Click the tab to view example check-in emails

Pre-arrival questionnaires

Get to know your guests before arrival

  • Build a robust guest profile by getting to know your guests

  • Survey results are shared with staff once completed

  • Data is linked to the guest profile and can be used during and after their stay

Click the tab to view an example questionnaire

The planning continues with the Mobile Concierge

Help your guests with travel planning and up-sell your hotel services.

Instantly works on all mobile devices and desktop computers. Let your guests use their own devices and eliminate App clutter.

The design and content are unique to your hotel and region. Your Account Manager will work closely with you to ensure your brand identity is maintained.

Mobile Concierge tabs can be displayed based on PMS fields such as family or room types.

The itinerary gets updated with their travel requests and your hotel events.


Get their feedback and encourage social sharing

Guest Satisfaction

Get their feedback before they revert to social media

  • The guest satisfaction survey works on all mobile devices ensuring high completion rates and accessibility

  • Determine the timing for the survey based on your guests’ needs

  • Ask any type of questions and present dependency questions based on user input

  • Informative reporting and time saving templates for quick guest responses

Click the tabs to view example surveys

Tripadvisor integration

Allow guests to seamlessly post to Tripadvisor and other online review portals

  • Upon completion of the survey, the guest is prompted to post to Tripadvisor in the same window

  • The review is pre-completed with the survey responses.

  • All reviews are posted on the Tripadvisor website as well as to the Guestfolio Dashboard

  • Informative reporting for quick responses

Click the tab to view example Tripadvisor reviews from Guestfolio
Example TA reviews from Guestfolio
iPhone TA widget

Invite your guests to book direct

Automated BringBack Campaign

Targeted automated emails that reach out to guests only if they don’t have a future reservation

  • Modify and build unlimited automated emails with an easy to use interface

  • Invite OTA guests to book direct with you next time

  • Target guests by region to invite them back again next month or in 3 months

  • Automatically invite corporate guests to book a leisure stay this season

Click the tabs to view example BringBack examples

Email Marketing

Build and monitor your newsletter campaigns

  • One platform to manage your data, campaigns, graphics and reporting

  • Always up-to-date, no more export and upload each time

  • Build a ‘list’ once and watch it update with every new reservation

  • Choose from multiple templates in our email builder, Cendyn Studio, to create beautiful, branded, mobile-friendly emails in minutes

  • Automated click tracking for all campaigns

Boutique template design
NYC template
Contemporary template
San Fran template
Boutique template design
Chewton Glen

Email campaign features unique to Guestfolio CRM

What sets us apart – no more monkey business

Real time integration with your hotel PMS ensures that your guest data is merged and always up to date.

Choose from our pre-built and tested mobile ready email templates. Add your branding and hit send.

Real time ROI reporting shows you exactly which guests received your campaign AND booked a stay with you. It’s data you’ve never seen before.

Best in class. We’ve developed our email editor from the ground up for hoteliers.

Display guest profiles and your whole dashboard in your native language

Automatically pull in interests of guests from your email marketing campaigns

Examples of what our clients are sending

Know your guests with guest profiles

Up to date reservation data – past, present and future at your fingertips

Display guest profiles and your whole dashboard in your native language

Track guest engagement through guest feedback, email delivery and up-sell requests

Send targeted marketing campaigns based on your guests’ interests


Why Guestfolio?

ROI for your hotel

  • Room upgrades

  • Up-selling of other hotel services/amenities (e.g. late check-out)

  • Higher Tripadvisor ranking

  • More repeat and direct bookings from your email marketing campaigns

  • Improved customer retention because of more engagement

What we deliver

  • Merge and protect your guest data

  • Increase Tripadvisor reviews

  • Automate your guest engagement and marketing

  • Increase guest spend per stay

  • Mobile ready

  • Cloud based dashboard for reporting and monitoring in your own language

What’s unique

  • An integrated solution means your data is stored in one place and all guest communications are managed and monitored

  • Guestfolio CRM continuously adds profile information to your guest profiles such as, interests, clicks, lifetime value, and survey responses

  • Guestfolio CRM is a flexible platform which allows for a fast and easy implementation

What’s included

  • Training and support is always free

  • New software upgrades are added at no cost for the life of your contract

  • Industry best practices at your fingertips, you benefit from the input of other hoteliers and industry experts

  • No commission for room upgrade and Mobile Concierge requests

Everything at your finger tips – in real time

US Guestfolio dashboard

If you’re not having a conversation with the guest, the OTAs are

Start engaging with your guests now with Guestfolio